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Inside the heart...
There are secrets to the Elevation Tour that not many know. We won't claim to be the first to know, we won't tell you how we know, but we will let you know:

1. Ya' know those 'WooooHooooo's that Bono sings during the opening song, Elevation, well believe it or not but those very energetic, get the crowd going vibes are....

2. Been curious to know how many chest hairs poor Bono has ripped out each night he lets the crowd grope him as he leans into the crowd? None, and he doesn't feel a thing because he's wearing a...

The origins of U2.coma
I can see the conversation now, four Irish dudes sitting around in the studio:
"Fuck! The album is late. Fuck! We bought a Lasertag company in Germany where toy guns are illegal! Fuck! What about this stupid Internet thing? We're the last band on earth without a site!" Adam takes a bong hit and says "Don't worry mates, me bro will do it". 

Thanks to our friend Toot for this eloquent re-enactment. 
We've got their number.
Smile you're on ZooTV! That's right folks, in this absolute waste of space, we are turning the TV cameras around and watching the folks at U2 HQ in Dublin, Ireland. Ever wondered if the folks over there read Wire or Feedback? Well we've got the answers for you. After long nights in the depths of Internet hell we tunneled into the very realm of U2Feedback and pulled out two days of links which one particular person, at U2 HQ, read. We'll keep that person's identity anonymous, but enjoy their reading habits:

Read: We're the Official U2 Voyeurs.
They're stealin' it back...
We all know of the U2 Lyrics Archive (and if you don't - shame on you!). It contains lyrics to all the U2 songs, including those that have never been published (in print). Even in the U2LA some songs that have been transcribed by ear still are lacking a few words or verses (such as "Always"). We thought perhaps U2.com may have put up the 'official' lyrics to the song, but we were quick to notice that they just copied and pasted the transcription from the U2LA, complete with question marks "(???)" on the line that the transcriber doesn't know! Seems the folks over at u2.com are stealin' it back from the fans. A bit tacky, you decide.

U2LA: Always
U2.COM: Always

(update) Thanks to Majid of http://www.atyclb.com for pointing out to us that U2.com has apparently been visiting our lil' lair and have now changed their lyrics page.
Willie's Diary from U2.com -- the HIDDEN POPMart Entries
(updated) O.K. O.K.!!! So it wasn't that much of a secret :-) Big Deal! Bet you still hadn't seen it. Our informant seemed to have misplaced his eye balls and forgot to notice the menu. In the off chance that you missed it too, keep reading:
That's right, here at U2WDD.org, we are committed to digging up the buried treasure. We have recently unearthed old diary entries from Willie Williams - some that may give you quite a laugh. So you want to know how to find all this?
Okay, go to "Willie's Diary" of the Elevation Tour section on U2.com. If you go to "Who's Willie?" at the top right and click on "Previous Entry", you'll find the actual previous entry -- the last entry on the POPMart tour. Keep going back, and you'll find every entry for Willie's Diary for POPMart (with a couple missing pictures, replaced with a dummy pic of the New York POPMart). It goes all the way back to April 3rd, 1997. We actually don't know why it's there -- they might be planning on announcing it later, or it could be an intentional Easter egg. If you'd rather take the easy route and start directly from the beginning, Click Here.
New Media Is The Big Idea
Download New Media

(updated) This is the new release of NewMedia 2.0

Share MP3's, MOV's, pictures, and any other U2 files with other fans with New Media. Thousands of files are online now.  Once you have downloaded, and installed New Media, the Mini-Browser will guide you on how to setup 'NM' to start trading.

Read the reviews about NewMedia 1.0:
TechTV | New Media

TechTV | New Media Review

TechTV | U2 Download Guide

Download U2 New Media (Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT only)
U2 Forum: Join the fun!
Well, if you are new to the U2 Internet community there is something you really need to check out - Interference.com's U2Feedback, the largest U2 Fan Forum online!. It's an interactive community of thousands of rabid U2 fans sharing gossip, breaking news, thoughts, and just mostly a lot of fun!  Check U2Feedback on Interference.com now. 
U 2 Will Get A Rise
(New) Have you been to be elevated? Have you wondered where you could get that catchy mix of Elevation that plays during the opening of the U2 Elevation Tour? The wait is over :-) Errr... or maybe we should make ya' beg? Naaah. Download the U2WDD.org version of Elevation Influx Mix!

Download Elevation Tomb Raider Mix and Elevation Biffco Mix . The Elevation TR mix is on  the Tomb Raider soundtrack, out now.
U2 Sells Lemon for 33,000,000
It is well known that U2 barely broke even on their last endeavor, POPMart. In an effort to recoup losses, giant olives and lemons have went on the auction block.  We have an inside report from someone 'inside the lemon' that the band sold the sparkly lemon for just over 33m. One flaw in this little sale... the new owner is peeved, "I thought it really did fly!" said the unnamed purchaser in an email interview. He followed that by saying, "If I would have known it didn't fly, I would have bid on Sparky's spoon collection. I think it went for only a bit more." We really are truly sorry to hear about such a misunderstanding... but hey... the For Sale sign did say 'AS-IS: Sometimes takes big rock stars hostage. Does not produce juice. Seeds non-removable.'  Did you believe this story? If so, send hate mail to MacPhisto, you've been duped.
U2 Tickets Now! Europe
Have you ever dreamed of going to Europe? How about a visit to an old castle near Dublin called Slane? Or a night at Earl's Court in London? What about a stop at Terminal F in Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport? U2Tour.com is offering you the unique chance of vacationing with U2 in Europe! U2Tour.com presents, in conjunction with ETS - the official U2 tour and travel operator, U2 Concert & Lodging Packages. Check the Concert dates and Ticket/Package information.
Why The BLOODY Hell...
does it say C O M I N G  S O O N  at the top of this page??? Simple really, we're running behind schedule (WAY behind schedule) and we couldn't wait to bring you a few little goodies. Ok.. now you want to know what we're running behind schedule on? Ah, well, sit back and WAIT. You'll find out when we feel like tell'n ya.

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